About Andrea

Andrea Stimson is a Dallas calligrapher, wife and mom. Always a handwriting enthusiast, she took up the art of calligraphy a few years ago and has been enjoying creating hand-lettered pieces for weddings, parties, and special events. 

Growing up when handwriting and the now-abandoned cursive alphabet were taught in schools, Andrea won the coveted "Handwritten Letter" competition in grade school. The prize? She had the honor of penning the class letter to the Dallas Mayor. The Mayor may not have appreciated the glory of a handwritten piece of art and almost certainly did not exclaim, "Oh, what penmanship!" upon opening it; nevertheless, Andrea still appreciates the art and now loves creating modern calligraphy for anyone who wants to add a beautiful, handwritten touch to their special event.


About Fig & Flourish

Andrea is an old soul just as calligraphy is an old art.  Her style seeks to celebrate the old tradition while giving it a modern flair.  She hopes to give your special event that extra touch, or flourish! 

A true foodie, Andrea feels the fig is not only pretty and delicious but is the perfect companion to cheese… and a FLOURISHING life must include cheese.